You have a low appetite for food.

Based on the results of this test, I can assume that it will not be difficult for you to lose weight. You quite rarely feel the desire to “eat something delicious,” you do not experience problems with overeating and you do not spend a lot of time thinking about food and related problems.

In this regard, I have 2 conclusions for you.

First of all, you are in good company. Studies show that about ⅓ people on the planet have the same indicator as yours, i.e. a fairly low propensity to food addiction.

Secondly, the rest of us experience much more problems related to food and it is more difficult for them to stay in good shape. Sometimes it becomes a lifelong problem for them.

But! It also happens…

It also happens that even those people who have such good indicators as you, still have excess weight. The whole problem is in our society. There are too many temptations around.

At every step, we are offered a drink of soda or a snack in the McDonald’s or similar establishments. Also, often meals are emotional in nature. That is, you eat not because you want to eat, but because that you want to spend time with friends or feel at home.

Now that you know that it will not be so difficult for you to lose weight, how will you use this information?

My name is Anna San. I am a psychologist & nutritionist. I know that people react differently to food stimuli. I’m talking about products such as cakes, pies, ice cream, pizza, chips, white bread, pasta, cookies, sweets and other unhealthy goodies.

Given that you have a fairly low craving for such products, I want to offer you a weight loss program that will be especially useful and effective for a person like you. Of course, thanks to your low susceptibility, you will be able to achieve success in many weight loss programs, but I want to offer something more.

My suggestion will create a complete order in your eating behavior, free up a lot of time, and you will also get habits to eat the most healthy food that will help you stay in a healthy, beautiful and free body. You will get a super clear idea of what, how much and when you need to eat to be always on top and have a perfect body.

Sincerely, Anna San