You are at the very top on the scale of attraction to food.

Such test results mean that you have a rather complicated relationship with food. You may note with sadness how much time you think about food and how difficult it is that you need to maintain the weight in a normal state. You may often experience a feeling of hunger or an uncontrolled appetite due to stress and fatigue.

I think it’s hard for you to even imagine that there is a life when you don’t want to there is an excess of the norm, and the body refuses to take food, although you have not eaten so much.

A life when you do not need to control how much you have eaten, but overeating it can only happen in a dream.

Regular weight loss challenges are definitely not suitable for you. You can lose weight there only for a short time. Then it will come back to you again in even greater numbers.

I want to tell you that you are not alone. One third of people on the planet experience exactly the same problems with nutrition as you do. Now you know that losing weight is not so easy for you and I think you are not surprised by this result? I hope that now you understand why some people lose weight easily, and for some it is given with great effort and only achieve success 1%?

What should you do now?

My name is Anna San. I am a psychologist, and nutritionist. I know that people react differently to food stimuli. I’m talking about products such as cakes, pastries, ice cream, pizza, chips, white bread, pasta, cookies, sweets and other non-useful goodies.

You need something special If you want to always have an ideal figure and at the same time not think about food and not to constantly monitor what you eat, then you need to:

Have a clear nutrition plan that will allow you to first get rid of extra pounds, and then keep the body in shape always.

Your actions regarding eating should be honed, automated and have a “subconscious character.” In other words, you need habits that will allow you to eat properly, on time and in the right portions (how to brush your teeth).